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Our Rebuild Process


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The press in the picture to the right is a 400 ton Bliss knuckle press. In it's present state it has a full revolution mechanical clutch. At the end of our rebuilding process it will have a part revolution air clutch. Watch this transformation.

When a press is sold we first evaluate it. To do this we strip all of the old equipment and electrics off of it.

To the left you see the same 400 ton knuckle press stripped to the frame. Every component will now be cleaned and evaluated for wear and cracks.

Here you see parts that were stripped from the press, they have all been cleaned and inspected. The next step for these parts will be to get sizes for the new bearings and to machine and refit all connecting parts.

Here you see the back shaft, The flywheel that is on it now will come off and the shaft will be extended and machined to fit the new flywheel and air clutch assembly. We will show that later in the process.

The pins to the right are what holds the knuckle joint together. We found them to be worn out, so we will make new pins to the original specs. All of our machines are done in this fashion.

The crankshaft to the left is being crack checked. This is done by first cleaning the shaft, then spraying with the red penetrant which will be drawn into any crack no matter how small, then it is sprayed with the white colored developer which allows the cracks to become visible. Then it is visually inspected. If found to be cracked or bent it would be repaired or replaced.

After the crankshaft was inspected, the worn end that the gear presses on to was welded up above the original size. Now it is being turned to true it up and make it the press fit it originally had.

The back shaft shown here had the shaft extended for the air clutch retrofit. here the extension is being turned to the new specifications. After this stage they will be installed on the press.

In this picture the parts of the knuckle are being checked for wear as well as parallel with each other.

Here in this picture you find the ram is being readied to be installed in the press

In this picture you can see the flywheel and back shaft, as well as the crank shaft with gear to far right. You can see the opening where the ram and knuckle will be installed.

Here is the other side of press showing the gearing and the new guard ready to be mounted to machine frame.

To the right now you can see the completely rebuilt press. So you can see that we are not your typical machine dealer, We are more of a specialist in the area of presses.

Here the rear view of the same press shows a modified feed mounted and guarded as well as new guarding over the entire crank area as to protect from moving parts.

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